Supported projects

As a company, we like to support regional projects. We welcome suggestions from our employees on how we can support social institutions etc.


Förderverein der kath. Grundschule Lüchtringen e.V.

The "Förderverein der kath. Grundschule Lüchtringen e.V." supports the work of our local primary school! Because even schools are under pressure to save money and not every purchase, or every project that promotes the social, cognitive and creative development of our children can be financed from public funds. Volunteers and donations are important for our children in these cases!

Reading, writing and arithmetic shouldn't be the only things children should learn at primary school, so our support association supports both school and extracurricular activities, projects, clubs and community events. These open up new and different "things" for the children, such as nature experiences, self-defence, home, music, theatre, dance, handicrafts, computers/technology and much more.

Solling Trail Network Initiative

Who doesn't dream of legal, kilometre-long trails with bends and small jumps right on their doorstep? This dream can become reality in Solling.

To learn more about the Trailnetz Initiative, visit the website