Our journey

Founding and „Start-Up“

On the first of April 1949, Karl Bertram laid the foundation stone for the company in his parents' garage. The founding phase of the start-up company took place in a difficult but promising time. The demand for electrical engineering was enormous and new fields of application for products were constantly opening up. In 1951, Karl Bertram passed his master craftsman's examination in electrical installation. His masterpiece was a starter motor, which was sold to the Arminius shipyard in Bodenwerder.


Control unit construction as a milestone

In the course of technical development in mechanical engineering, the first tube-based controllers appeared, as the successor to the vertical shaft and as the forerunner of the PLC - the programmable logic controller. Karl Bertram recognised the potential of the new controls and designed tube-based controls for a manufacturer of woodworking machines with great success. These electrical controls were universally applicable and quickly found use in a wide variety of machine segments. In the following 1970s, automation began to unfold its full potential with programmable logic controllers.

Expanding industry expertise

Automation continues to advance, and intralogistics in particular is added as a further growth area in the 1980s. In cooperation with a conveyor technology manufacturer from the region, complete conveyor systems are created, for example for container glass production or for the food industry. The complete control technology in these plants is supplied by Bertram. The company is proud that its own technology is installed in large companies all over the world. In 1989, Karl-Heinz Bertram joined the management team, which the founder Karl Bertram remained a member of until 1998.


Opening of the current location

In 1999, the company moved into the building at its current location in Philipp-Reis Straße in Bevern. With modern architecture and ergonomic workplaces, a new milestone in the company's history is reached. A large part of the electricity demand has been covered by solar panels since 2011; the company's own vehicle fleet is successively expanded to include electric vehicles.

In 2009, Jendrik, Matthias and Rainer Bertram joined the management team. They are responsible for the three areas of electrical engineering, image processing and mechanical engineering and cover the entire service portfolio of the company with their competences.

Innovation and system partnership

The ability to innovate and the courage to apply completely new technologies form the DNA of the company.  Fully automated assembly cells with robotics or AI-based image processing systems form the foundation for the company's excellent international reputation. Skilful selection of technologically leading system partners such as Siemens, Cognex or Omron creates access to the latest technical possibilities.

The pioneering spirit and the character of a family business have been preserved to this day. Customers and employees appreciate the Bertram company as a reliable partner and employer - today and in the future.