Mechanical and plant engineering

Competence and customer satisfaction

We are characterised by special expertise in mechanical engineering. The cornerstone of our high level of customer satisfaction is the combination of the latest approaches from the Industry 4.0 sector with the classic virtues of a mechanical engineering company. Whether mechanical design, state-of-the-art drive and control technology, robotics or image processing - in total, a broad spectrum of expertise is available to you across all industries.

Bertram can look back on decades of experience in machine and plant construction. But our focus is forward: as we are, among other things, a Siemens solution provider and Cognex system integrator, the latest developments from the fields of control technology, motion control and image processing are always incorporated into our machine construction, both yesterday and today.


Together with you, we determine the respective degree of automation for the individual work steps in the engineering phase. Everything is possible, from ergonomic manual workstations and semi-automatic machines to complete automation with the use of image processing and robots.

The manufacturing processes of our customers range from simple to complex, the batch sizes from one to several million pieces per year. Accordingly, the definition of the target and the careful planning of an investment in a plant is important.

Possible direct goals are the improvement of ergonomics and/or work safety, the avoidance of errors, the saving of material, the testing of properties or simply the increase of productivity. However, the investment must always make economic sense, so that the degree of automation can vary greatly.

Data analysis and networking

We consider data to be a central topic in the context of Industry 4.0. The analysis of production data as well as (the merging of data from different areas) the informational connection of individual modules are increasingly becoming a matter of course. The use of standardised components in the control system simplifies the connection to solutions based on Siemens Mindsphere. This opens up a broad spectrum of possibilities for implementing innovative, e.g. AI-based approaches in data analysis and networking.

By pursuing direct goals, a great deal of data also accumulates, the commercial benefits of which have been known for a long time, but the use of which is still in its infancy. Bertram is also your competent partner for Industry 4.0 and IoT.

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