High-level language programming

Image Processing

We use innovative cameras to capture the relevant images from your manufacturing process. When processing and evaluating these images, our experts' experience with Cognex image processing software comes into play. This allows us to combine the specificity and flexibility of human visual inspection with the reliability, repeatability and performance of a computerised system.

Immage processing systems comprise three componenets: camera, lighting and software

The right lighting is just as important as the right camera to make the relevant areas visible to the camera.

However, it is only through the software that the information relevant to the relevant process step or the desired inspection can be extracted from the images.

Deep Learning

We determine the potentials of Deep Learning (as a subset of machine learning) for your use case. Here, in principle, a precise classification of images is achieved. The human shows the algorithm a series of images, from which it learns. As a result, the system can be "trained" quickly and easily for new inspection tasks.


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