Manufacturing plants and lines

Planning and implementation

Our in-depth process knowledge comes into play when planning and implementing complete plants or lines. Starting with input parameters such as throughput and unit costs, we work with you through the planning phase. Our experience is applied in the areas of handling and mechanical processing, for example, as well as in the area of control technology.


Clean interfaces

A production line usually consists of a network of different individual plants. It doesn't matter whether it is new, already existing or a combination of new and existing plants, what matters most is clean interfaces.

Together with you, our experts select a suitable handling system for the transport of the components, whereby designed special solutions as well as commercially available gantry or robot systems are available.

Signal exchange

Signals are exchanged between the system components via decentralised control supplements or via a central control system that can also provide all the required data to your PPS or ERP system.



IIoT and batch size 1 are currently much-discussed topics. These configurable, individualised products pose new challenges to previous approaches to manufacturing. IIoT technologies, however, are moving the production of small batch sizes into the economically realistic realms. In any case, our team will accompany you on your way into the future.


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