Manual Workplaces

High occupational safety and ergonomics

Ergonomic manual workstations for smaller batch sizes remain important. High complexity and the number of variants can make this solution necessary. Through a precise analysis of the work steps, the movement sequences are adapted to the employees. The combination of mechanical fixtures with manual handles significantly increases repeatability while reducing the error rate. High work safety and ergonomics result in significantly higher productivity.


Low investment

With manual production, the flexibility is high and the investment low. Due to the labour cost share, manual production is suitable for small to medium batch sizes.

Investments in this area are often about eliminating a bottleneck in the area of ergonomics and/ or occupational safety or a source of error, or ensuring a test of properties.

Higher productivity

Manual workstations support the respective activity, document the result and make it available for subsequent processes. This increases process reliability, reduces waste and thus achieves greater productivity.


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